A. At least 2 cms, the same as the size of a grain of rice for best results.

A. I use both. Hard wax is best in areas where the hair is thicker and the skin is thinner. Strip wax is better in areas where the hair is thin and flat to the skin. It is also better for the larger areas of the body.

A. Yes, waxing is better than shaving. When you wax, the entire hair is removed including the root so this promotes new hair growth. The new hair growth becomes thinner over time. When you shave, the hair is cut down to the root so when the hair grows back it grows back much quicker and can be sometimes thicker. Also, sensitive skin can be irritated by razor blades, this can cause red bumps and ingrown hairs.

A. In general, yes! All of us have different pain tolerance so the level of discomfort will vary according to your pain threshold. Most clients will experience a decrease in pain the more regularly they get waxed and don’t shave in-between.